Outcast: Main Title Design

Produced by Elastic

Outcast is a television horror series about a man who realizes he can exorcise evil spirits. In the titles, we begin in a seemingly ordinary American town, but upon closer inspection we find that something is lurking just below the surface. I designed the treatment frames, art directed the post-production and photographed the images used in my design frames, seen below. I also art-directed the live-action shoot in South Carolina, where the show is filmed.

My Role: Design, Art Direction, Photography, Live-Action Art Direction 

Design Frames:

Oucast_Final_13 copy.jpg

Photography for design frames:


Full Credits 

Creative Director: Angus Wall

Art Direction & Design: Mara Smalley

Lead Compositor: Shahana Khan

CG Lead: Andrew Romatz

3D Artists:  Miguel A. Salek, Tim Kadowaki, Michael Cardenas

Editor: Austyn Daines

Assistant Editor: Gladys Bernadac

Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Producer: Andrin Mele-Shadwick

Associate Producer: Kelly Noecker